Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Couch

We took the traditional Red Couch photos yesterday morning. It's so sweet to see all the wonderful children dressed in their traditional attire. There were 25 families in all. The photos I'm sharing are from my camera. I didn't take much as I was caring for Paul, but there's more on Paul's camera. I will share them later. The photos came out so sweet! The photos shown are of Sophia, Tristan (Andrea and Eric's son), Evie and Jaili (Angel and Shane's daughter's).

Afterwards we took a trip to the Safari park. It was 45 minutes away. It was VERY hot and humid. The animals from Africa were even hot!!!! We took a tram around the park. We saw so many wonderful animals. Sophia spent her time excited about the exit door and cheerios! We got off the tram and walked around. We bought ice cream and a little tiger for Sophia. She held the tiger's tail the entire time. We took a walk to the tiger area. A few fed the baby tiger, Paul joined in. It was really cute. I have photos of that, but it's on Paul's camera too. Hard to juggle a camera and a baby! :0) The mosquito's were out in full force!!!!!!! I have so many bites! As I type this I itch like crazy.

In the evening we had a group dinner at a local Thai restaurant. The food was good, but spicy. Sophia had fun with the rice and noodles. She wore it well. Ha!!! We shared cake with a couple of people as it was one of the gal's birthday. It tasted really different, but was good. Mostly cream!

Today is the Oath Ceremony and exit meeting. The ceremony is at the US Consulate office. We're not allowed to bring anything in, not even a camera. Sorry!!!!! :(

I better go. I have a little one that's waking up, and a big one too! :0) Oh, could you please say a prayer for me. I'm getting what Paul had in Beijing. It's pretty miserable!


  1. Loved following your trip! The emailed posts worked great. Hope you're feeling better. Safe travels home to you!

  2. Will say a prayer for you both!
    Holly Matheny and daughter, Alissa