Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're Home!!!!

We made it home safe and sound with our little Sophia. It was quite the journey! We took a 2 hour train ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, spent the night and took an early flight to Tokyo then off to Portland, Oregon. We had a wonderful Welcome Home greeting at the airport. I started to tear up when I saw everyone waiting to catch their first peek of Sophia. It's so nice to know we have such a great support system.

Sophia did very well going into her carseat. The ride home went smooth. She ate a banana that Michael Harrington gave her. That made her happy. She fell asleep in her carseat on the way home. She's studied everything in the house. She wasn't so sure about our dog at first, but they're making friends slowly. She throws her toys at him, he thinks they belong to him, we're working on that. :0)

Sophia woke up at 1am this morning. She was wide awake and ready for the day. Paul fed and played with her. She fell back asleep at 5am. It's amazing to see her in our home. We keep pinching ourselves to see if it's a dream. We're going to get out this afternoon and buy some groceries, then come home and relax some more.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support!!! We love and appreciate you all. :0)

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