Monday, May 17, 2010

Medical Exam and More

Sophia had her medical exam yesterday morning. Things went well. She had a minor red throat, but that's all. One thing that was scary was one of the doctors wasn't sure about something he got another doctor to look at her. They both poked at her chest and talked very fast. They asked us lots of questions. They asked us to show them her medical paperwork from our referral. They looked and looked over it and continued to go back to Sophia to look at things. Our guide came in and asked them what was going on. She said everything was fine. They thought they heard something, which wasn't on her regular paperwork. They wanted to match up what was said on the first paperwork. What was a few minutes seemed like hours. It was scary!

Last night we went out shopping with our friend Eric. It was fun to wheel and deal. Got amazing deals!!!!!!!!!!!! When we were leaving to go back a man came up and pulled my arm. He looked at Sophia and started to get angry. We walked away but he continued to follow and point at Sophia and yelling at us. Eric took out his translator and said we adopted her. The man calmed down, shook his hand, then tried to sell him a watch! It was scary though! He thought we were taking her away!!! He was the first person to ever question what we were doing with a Chinese baby. Everyone else has been so happy and supportive. He was just being protective of the little one. It was comforting after the fact!

A few days ago my friend Andrea and I joined our group for an excursion to the local pearl and jade stores. It was HOT!!!!!!!! All was well until we got lost. It was a maze, seriously a HUGE maze!!!!!!!!!! It reminded me of the Winchester Mystery House. Pathways leading to walls. Everything looked the same too. There was a Middle Eastern man that tried directing us to a dark stairway. We turned around a took off. He was following us and said it's your choice! That was freaky!
We tried calling our hotel to speak with a member of the Holt team, but couldn't get through. so decided to get a cab. Getting a cab around here isn't that easy. Glad we couldn't get one, cause someone from the group was looking for us. They directed us back to the bus. It was pretty embarrassing!!!!! Once we got back to the hotel Andrea and I treated ourselves to a cold soda!

Today is the Red couch photo. It's an adoption tradition to have the little ones dress up in their Chinese clothes and pose on a velvet red couch. It's really cute! We're also going to the Safari Park. It's going to be fun, cause you can hold monkeys, feed baby tigers and ride an elephant. We're looking forward to that.

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