Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're in Guangzhou!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is FINALLY!!!!!!!!! We left Jiangsu yesterday at 3pm, but what was to take 2 hours took longer and I do mean MUCH longer!!!!!!!!! Our flight made it to Guangzhou, but there was a HUGE thunder and lightning storm which caused us to circle around the airport. They said it was too dangerous to land, so we had to fly back to a different province (Guilin) and sit on the runway and wait for the go ahead for us to go back to Guangzhou. Unfortunately the weather never cleared up, we sat on the runway for 5 hours!!!!!!!!! No food and lots of angry Chinese people yelling at the stewardess. Two of them ran off crying and the other one brought cuffs out and started yelling back at them. Sophia was upset from the yelling, so she started crying and threw her body around here and there. It was a HARD day! The flight was canceled and we were taken off the plane, loaded up onto a bus (not understanding a word) and sent off an hour away to a hotel. We got there about 1am, but had to wake up at 5am for us to go back to the airport for our flight at 8am. We had to go through security and everything again! Like I mentioned before, HARD day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia is doing very well. She's settling in. She gets goofy at bedtime, but falls asleep shortly after being put to bed. We did more paperwork this afternoon. This part of the paperwork is on the United States side, such as Immigration and bringing in an orphan. It's a tons of stuff, but it all makes sense. Tomorrow we have her visa photo, then shopping at the pearl and jade stores. Paul and his friend are going off on their own while his wife and I do our own girlie thing. Sophia will join Mommy. I will show her the ropes! :0)

This evening we joined our friends in their room for dinner and playtime for our kids. They were so cute!!! Sophia is 3 months older than their son. We've decided to have an arranged marriage! :)'s nice to be on the last leg of our adoption trip. We've enjoyed it very much, but we're anxious to get home.


  1. YIKES! and we thought we had an awful airport experience from Nanjing to Guangzhou....I think you sorry! I'm glad your safe and sound...isn't soooo nice to be surrounded by other adoptive families, and to start the final countdown home!!!

  2. Wow! What a long haul you are on! Thanks so much for sharing this exciting time w/ us! Too bad Sophia couldn't help translate a bit more! LOL Looking forward to seeing you! Meals will be waiting!