Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Christmas Tree

Last weekend we set up the tree and decorated the house while Sophia was taking her nap. We rushed around making it festive, anticipating the joyous reaction she will have when she first sees it, even video taping her waking up and telling her that she has a surprise in the other room. She waddled into the living room and walked right past the tree! We redirected her and showed her the tree, ooh'ing and aah'ing the whole time. Should've seen us, it was hilarious! Once again, she walked past. She did manage to make her way to a lonesome reindeer sitting by the fireplace. She picked him up and carried him around, later on finding a Santa, she carried him along as well and called him baby. She put Santa Baby in her stroller, drove him here and there. Later in the evening she did managed to notice the tree. She touched a few ornaments, but that was it. She loves to go near the tree, but doesn't bother the ornaments. Wow! We were planning on moving the ornaments, but guess we don't have to. :0) In the next week or so we will be visiting Santa at the mall, pictures will follow.

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  1. How lovely!
    My mother was a Buttolph, so we are somehow related.
    May I suggest you pray for this beautiful child for release from a great saddness that must have accurred before you adopted her. For some reason I sense a hurt deep in her soul, hidden away. God's love for you and for her is far more profound than we can begin to understand, and He uses each of us to minister to the other, even if we have never met.
    I do historical genealogy and God has given the Buttolph family a great gift and responsibility in revealing our ancient history.
    You have opened your heart and rescued this beautiful child. I know you have some idea what you have saved her from, but the Lord will someday reveal the true extent of loving hearts.
    Bless you heartily!!

    Margaret Donahue