Friday, June 11, 2010

A month with Sophia

What a wonderful and exciting month it has been. This past Monday we celebrated one month with our daughter. She has amazed us by how she catches on to things. She blows kisses, waves, signs for her sippy cup, gives smooches & hugs, brushes the hair out of our faces, says Mama and Baba and hands us her shoes for us to put them on. She loves the Ergo carrier that I have. She gets excited whenever I get it out. Her giggles and smile melt our hearts!!!! We are blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She had a doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago. The doctor said she looks good. She has her on formula to "beef up" her nutrition that she had lacked some in the orphanage, although they took wonderful and extreme care for her. We are very grateful for everything that they've done for her!!! We're going in for blood tests and chest x-rays. Something that the Chinese doctors requested that we do.

She met a few cousins last week at a birthday party. She loved every minute of it! We're very excited for her to get to know the rest of the family and spend more family moments together! :0)

She crawls like a champ! Her walking has improved some. She is taking up to 10 steps without help now. She's very curious and wants to walk (with help) all the time! Who knows, it could be any day that she could take off on her own! Oh boy, then we'll really have to watch her, ha!!!


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful!!
    So delighted to see another child saved from...who knows what...I wouldn't want to know, but must!
    So delighted you fulfill your part of the destiny of being part of the Buttolph family!
    My mother's maiden name was Buttolph, and several years ago all Buttolph's in America were thought to have descended from Thomas Buttolph, who arrived from England in 1635, on the Abigail, what a history!!! If you don't know it, you should! All family info is taken from original documents!

  2. Oh, yes, we are believers, too!!