Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She's officially ours!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went to the Civil Affairs office to complete the adoption! We were asked a few questions and promised that we would take good care of her and never abandon her! We gave the official red finger print over our signatures and that was it. She's ours!!!!!!!!!

She slept through the night. We had to wake her up for breakfast. It was so sweet, she smiled at us when she woke up! We're so in love with her. :0) She had a big breakfast as well. She had rice with milk, eggs and peas. Paul is feeding her right now, she getting ready for a nap.

We went to a little medical clinic yesterday, cause she has a few bites on her that look like she's having a allergic reaction to. They didn't say much about it. We decided to go to the huge Walmart for Benadryl.

Today were going to shop around for a few things that are only found in this province. There's another family that will be going with us. We really like them. They've been so kind and helpful. Our guide has been wonderful too. It really makes things easier for us.

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