Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Have Our Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!! We purchased our tickets for China this afternoon. We will fly out of Portland on May 3rd, take a flight up to Seattle with a small layover, fly to Tokyo with a layover and on to Beijing.
The total time in the air and layover time will be 20 hours. Wow, guess we'll need some STRONG coffee!!! :0)

It seems so surreal. We're very excited, nervous too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so amazing to see the journey God has taken us on! He has done such wonderful and awesome things in our lives! It's mind blowing knowing that there's a precious little life waiting for us a world away and we will have her in our arms in just a few weeks! Wow!!!!

We were blessed once again with updated photos of our little girl. This is very rare. Most, if not all, only get one or two pictures, so this is a HUGE thing!!! God is good! Enjoy the pictures! :0)


  1. She is so beautiful! Are they finally letting her hair grow out?

  2. I hope so, Jenn!!! :0) I can't wait to put bows in her hair!

  3. I'm so thrilled for you! I read your posts on the Holt Forum and I just love the picture of your adorable daughter! Are you an I600 Family? We were for our second time around until over three years we let our fingerprints expire and didn't realize it until two or maybe it was weeks after!!!! As a result we were matched with our yummy Yang Guo on Dec. 2nd and hhhhhope to rcv' TA for some time in May!!!

  4. PS... You are adorable!

  5. Hi Collene

    Yes, we're an I600 family. It took us about 5 years to get where we're at. We switched agencies a year ago. We're very excited about our recent travel to bring our daughter home! Congrats on your little one. She's precious!!!!!!!!